Sample Web Form to Sonar



Can you create a sample web/wordpress form that sends the info right into Sonar?

I think a lot of us would benefit from that.



This is actually on my ‘todo’ list already… I started it but never got around to finishing it. I’ll try to get you guys something soon.


Have you created one of these yet?


Not yet, it’s a little tricky since the API uses JSON, it really has to be built with a little more of a backend. Are you looking to do something specific? I can probably give some better pointers towards that. I’ll be putting out a pretty significant Sonar integrated project soon that all the code will be open source for, so that might be useful too!


I’m just looking for a web form / contact us form that’ll put the customer right into Sonar as a lead.


What language is the site backend built in? Or is this just a greenfield thing?


It is a wordpress site.


Hmm, I’m not sure how to integrate it into that - I’ve never played with Wordpress. Basically, you need to POST some JSON to the Sonar API, but how that would get tied into Wordpress specifically, I’m not sure. Probably would have to be a plugin or something.


What about a web form hosted by our Sonar instance that could just be embedded into any site?


Not really that great to do, it’d have to be an iframe or something which is pretty ugly. Would also lack a lot of configuration you’d get from using the API, which is built for exactly that purpose.

The right thing to do is use the API, it’s pretty simple to do using straight PHP with cURL or Guzzle, I’m just not sure how to do it specifically with Wordpress. There might be some simple method (perhaps there is already a plugin available to POST data to an API on form submission) that won’t require a lot of manual labor.


I’m wandering down this very same path. We host our website with Squarespace and I want a simple form that creates a lead in Sonar. While I can enter markup or code into Squarespace, I am not a JSON expert and need a basic starting point to build this. I have read through the REST API wiki and while it looks totally possible, there are no real world examples that make sense to me.

Anyone built this type of form and want to share the code? Just need to capture name, address, email, phone and a spot for notes (where they can type in desired speed, etc). Or I create some custom fields that can capture speed, referral, etc. However, I want to get away from capturing everything in a Google Doc and then re-entering it in to Sonar.


@Chad_Wachs This could be done pretty easily with a form and zapier integration.


A web form generator and/or wordpress plugin would be amazing!