Saisei vs Procera


I know people have their preference, but is there anyone out there who truly evaluated both? Can you share why you picked one over the other?


I know somebody who has evaluated both. He told me that he would prefer Procera as it does a much better job at classifying video and other applications, said its more specific where Saisei is more generalized.


We are currently integrating SAISEI and from what I can tell its just a matter of adding additional rules to break it down farther.


Mike, how is your SaiSei integration going.
How is the integration with Sonar working?


I’m not Mike (obviously) but I have heard from him that it is going well.


Ah, I did not see this… Yes SAISEI is going well and is seamless as far as office staff and customers are concerned. Rules creation is automatic and data is being polled. I am working with them on a few custom reports I like to receive from the STM. Down the road I would like additional information to get reported to sonar such as traffic types over time. Connection saturation and stress levels of their plan.

Now I can’t speak of comparison to Procera however I can tell you I am happy with SAISEI.