Safe Business Model

How are other WISPs keeping their installers safe? We suspended all new installs until after COVID. Is there a better way than turning away all new business?!?

I’ve seen some wisps setting up and mounting antennas and weather proof boxes with router and poe inside. and run extension cord.

And will need to finish install after this is all down.

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that beats a new pair of gloves and masks for each new customer.

We’ve suspended installs and non-essential repairs. We have a list of people that we’ll call once we can go back to full-time in the field. Our website has a pop-up that tells people this and then they can fill out the form for a call back later in time. Most people are ok with this because they don’t necessarily want us in their house either.

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We are doing no entry installs. Before we go out the customer marks a spot on the side of the house where we can safely drill (normally and X with painter’s tape) Then the team goes out, mounts and tests the equipment, does a cable termination and using bailing wire, feeds it through the home. We leave the poe and programmed router on the porch. Then they follow the picture plug in guide or our office staff walks them through the plug in steps. Its working well. We have some outdoor boxes as options, but this other style seems to be working better for the team and customers.

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That’s a great idea!