Running Dual Stack IPv4 and IPv6 using MikroTik and Cambium


We are new in the Wisp industry and are currently trying to figure out how to do dual stack IP assignments being handed out by DHCP. Is anyone currently doing this? We currently are using a Mikrotik in our core for DHCP. We are using Cambium 450m AP’s, SM’s and routers. We would like to deliver IPv4 and IPv6 assignments to the customers router using DHCP. Can anyone share their current way of configuring this on the Mikrotik and in Sonar? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


IPv6 support through DHCP is currently missing. That’s the main reason we haven’t rolled out IPv6 in our network yet. The only way I’ve heard of others doing IPv6 is via PPPoE, which we haven’t wanted to do.


We are currently in wait/research mode aswell. Looking for an Option 82 type method for IPv6 (looks like Option 37) Doesn’t seem to be supported through Mikrotik routers. I have heard reference here before that it will be available in the form of batcher like addon when it is made available via hardware.


Yeah, there is really no good way of doing IPv6 with just plain DHCP, IMO. The DUID generation is too arbitrary to be used, we need something like Option 37, or you have to use some mechanism that has a standardized identification mechanism (like a RADIUS username.)

Once v2 is out, I’ll work through some different deployment strategies and write them up so they’re easy to implement.