What’s with the spyware sounding domain that seems to be blocking the sonar interface from loading this morning?

Even the swinging balls graphic that tries to be cute while the server is slow stopped moving before I eventually got the “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable” from nginx. BTW that graphic just irritates me because, to me, it shows that the coders know they have performance issues. It feels like an attempt to sweep the issue under the rug. Maybe that code is actually logging performance data on the backend to help the coders figure out what’s going on. It feels like a cover-up. I watch it too much of the time.

Why aren’t dependencies hosted on the sonar server?

It’s not possible to host that script locally. Datadog RUM is - we use Datadog for all our infrastructure monitoring. Between RUM and Datadog tracing, we can get a lot of information about how the infrastructure is performing and track errors quickly. Monitoring is a lot tougher on big cloud apps as data is moving between many services - has some screenshots of some of the visualizations we get through this.

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