RingCentral Integration?

I see that Twilio is the only option for SMS/Phone integration at this time in our current version. Are there plans to integrate with RingCentral in particular, or other VoIP services in general?

As far as I know this is not something that is being discussed. With that being said, once we have V2 on parity to V1, and we have built out some of the most requested features for V2, the developers will gladly look into integrating this.

My company is currently working on our second project for a customer to pull CDRs from a VOIP provider, reformat them as required and push them into Sonar. While it appears this is not exactly what you are looking for, I mention it because there are several third party companies that can likely help you if you need something sooner that the Sonar developers can get to it, especially if it is more of a one-of-a-kind request since the development team needs to focus on the more common requests.

Thanks for the information.