Restrict Packages / Services to Account Type


Is there a way within Sonar to restrict packages to an account type?

Example: Residential account is created
I want to remove all packages & services from being used unless they are intended to be for residential accounts.

I have already created packages labeled “RES-10” “RES-15” “BUS-15” etc…those packages include services similar to “RES-15 @ $99.99” OR “BUS-15 @ $149.99”

Since the account type has already been selected, I want to remove the ability to select (“BUS-15 @149.99


Response from sonar support in case it helps anyone else

While there is not currently a way to restrict adding services/packages by account type, you can accomplish this by restricting to certain account groups.

Accounts > Properties > Account Groups.

If you were to create account groups (e.g. “Residential,” or any name you would like) you can then edit your services under Financial > Services > Edit.

(this must be done at the service level, not within the packages)

Here you will see a list of your account groups that you can limit the service too, thus limiting the packages these services are included in too.

If you want to see this as an option for account statuses too, I recommend submitting this in “Suggest a Feature” to our developers from your main dashboard.