Any chance of adding some sort of referral fields? Somewhere to specifically pull data about referrals? We are going to leverage our existing customers to try and refer us to people in town who have wired internet to switch to us. We need to know and somehow link (via api) the customers together with our other system to see if both customers are still active etc.


At some point, but you could use a custom field for now if you just need somewhere to put it.




We could really use something for our sales partner program. Our current system, while it does not work well for many things, has a fabulous referral platform. With a simple click of a link, you create the ‘Sales Rep’ directly from the Client’s account, whether they have services or not. This generates a link to the Sales Rep part of the database that manages Rep activity. When a Rep refers a customer you may link them to the new client’s order. Any applicable service will then calculate commissions/referral credits based on parameters that you set within the ‘sales rep’ area. You may then choose to issue payments or apply the accumulated credits to the Rep’s Client account. Sales rep parameters would be:

  • percentage based or fixed amount
  • one-time or recurring (with/or without a termination period or date

We can probably make it work with a custom field within Sonar that would provide reporting that would accomplish what we need. Let me know if anyone have any recommendations. Thanks!!


It sounds like this could also be very useful for determining sales commissions. That would be great.


Yes, we use it that way as well.


We also would like to have this


We would like this feature along with a Commission tracker.


Anyone interested, please share in receptive here:

This is seemingly one of the most “wanted” features in receptive, but it is still labeled “Awaiting Feedback”. Further activity there will hopefully kick it over the edge since it has been desired by many for 3+ years.


Nothing will be changing until after 2.0, but it’s getting closer :slight_smile:


I would like to see this also, its part of our business model that we are going to; either need to see in Sonar at some point, but we can track it in Connectwise for the time being. The only reason we can do it that way, is because of the relationship we have through DES to our customer/partner. They can check our accounting records currently as the only customer that can because of our relationship.

Maybe even a CW integration? That’s our main business; but, we need to report against Sonar for billing purposes currently, and I think it would be a good tool for several of us.