Referral System


I would like a referral system similar to the one in Powerc*de.


I’m trying to rethink everything we’re doing here, so on that train of thought… what would you want to see in a referral system, in a perfect world? What kind of features would you like?


In the “Other system” :slight_smile: , we used the system as if you had 4 active referrals you would continue getting a discount until you didn’t have 4 active referrals.

I guess the only other scenario is with business would give a $$$ amount off per referral (depending on if it was business or residential type referral.


OK, so your first scenario would be to define a referral discount that required you to have 4 active referrals.

Second one would be a flat discount per referral?


Yes, basically an X amount of active referrals would equal X amount applied to monthly discount or a one-time X amount discount per referral.


Sounds doable, I will put it on the list!


Even more so to be able to specify either of those types of referral discounts based on group type or account type.


We do one-time invoice credits (of $20, but it’d be nice to have that variable :slight_smile: ) after the customer they referred has paid their monthly first invoice.


We currently provide 50% off a month of service for each referral (referral has to have paid their first invoice). I have seen others provide some percentage of the referred service (i.e., if you have a $60 service, and you referred someone who signed up for a $100 service, you would get 50% of $100 as a credit).

I like the ability to do either of these for referral credits.


We provide a free month for the plan you are on for referrals. So we’d want the client to get a free month for their specific service.


Chiming in… Referrals are one thing that WHMCS does pretty well - shhh, don’t tell anyone I said that! We would love to have something similar. Basically, when you place the order for service you can specify who referred them (e.g. link the referring client.) That client has previously been “activated” as an affiliate. Within the affiliate area, you can specify the referral parameters;

  • Type: default, percentage, fixed
  • Amount: 20 would either equal $20 or 20%
  • Checkbox for “pay one time only”

Referral parameters are also specified in the General System Settings:

  • Enable/disable
  • Default earning percentage
  • Signup bonus
  • Minimum accumulated credit for withdrawal (does not automatically apply to client account (It would be good to have a separate “holding area” for accumulating referral credit - the accumulated funds could then be applied to the referring client account or paid out)
  • Commission delay (# days to delay after referred service has been paid)
  • Support ticket department
  • Affiliate links (Enter [AffiliateLinkCode] where the affiliate’s customized link code should be inserted)

Having the ability to adjust settings by the affiliate is really good because we can have some affiliates that are like sales people and receive recurring revenue and get paid and we have some clients that refer new customers and get a one-time fixed credit to their account.



We also give a one-time credit per referral (free month of equal or lesser value of the new customer’s service plan).
I could change this to a fixed dollar amount to make things easier, we just currently advertise “Receive free month of service for each referral”

This is all done manually now.

A “Referral” value in the account creation menu would be great, a field that you type in the name and it would search the account names and you can then select the account ID.

Then something like after the first billing cycle or first payment posted on the NEW account, the referral account is then credited the defined discount value ($50).

A log of referrals would be nice too so we could look up a given customer and it would display all the referrals they gave us.


Referring client gets X amount / percentage off after the new client pays their second or third bill.


Where is this at in development?


I also would like an update on where this is at :stuck_out_tongue:


Would also like an update on this! @simon @devin any updates here?


No, nothing yet. There won’t be anything on it until 1.3 at the earliest.


Most resellers look at two main options:

1-One time referral fee - ($20, $50 half amount, full amount or 1 and half amount of the first month of referral)
(This could also be a result of {One Time} {Percentage Calculation} = {Total Credit ammount}

2-Residual income (A percentage of the monthly billing from the referral Ex: 5%, 10%, 15%…) {Percentage Calculation} {Occurecnce [Montly, Yearly]} = {Total Credit ammount}

I believe the easier way will be working with the following variables:

(Referred Customer Monthly Bill Result}{Percentage Calculation} {Occurecnce [One Time, Monthly, Yearly]} = {Total Credit ammount}

Will this help?

Im sure many ISP’s like us will love to have this in place, in special when we receive so many referrals from IT companies that have direct communications with end users and the role of taking decisions with adding or switching ISP providers. Today we are losing deals just because we don’t have this in place and so far not able to find an external application that can API with Sonar.