Redirect https


So I know that all instruction and discussion here says that you can not redirect HTTPS traffic yet a lot of hotspots do this. I guess this works because they also handle all DNS as well inside the walled garden.
Has anyone here used a walled garden approach to delinquent accounts? if so would you mind sharing some ideas.
It has got to be possible.
Redirecting just port 80 just is not any good today. most all sites are HTTPS now.
I don’t want my customers to thing the service is broken when they are delinquent, I just want them to pay me.
Any ideas?


could something like this work?


I don’t know of any way to make this work. I haven’t seen it work on a hotspot personally, but if you know of one, it’d be a good place to start the investigation. You cannot mask the URL, which means you have to somehow inject a HTTP redirect without the browser complaining.


I believe all the unifi hotspots I have setup will do this. I will double check and get back.


You can redirect with them, but I haven’t seen any solution to giving the user a certificate error the first time. The actual redirect is fairly simple, it’s avoiding the certificate error that isn’t possible (as it would allow hijacking SSL connections.)


Doesn’t Powercode do this with delinquent accounts? I am pretty sure that it redirects properly regardless of http/https. If so, then how it’s doing it?


Generally you have to have the server which is the target of the redirection contain certain html files that the browsers look for on http.

There are more but that is generally it.


Not that I am aware of. I don’t know of any technical means of doing so, without forcing users to install your own SSL certificate authority on their computer.