Recommendations for SMS and Voice Greets to Customers

Does anyone recommend a service that can text a customer or mass text customers

Also a service that can call/mass call a pre recorded message to customer

Also might have an embed chatbot for your website.

The SMS functionality you’re looking for is coming to Sonar fairly shortly.


We use PhoneVite to mass call our customers. Works well and customer love being kept informed.
We use it often for planned outages. We have a custom report to get the data we need in to spreadsheet. (i.e. name, phone number, email, Parent Device, Network site…)

This works well for towers and APs that are operational. Not so good for outages because, the disappointing thing with Sonar is we can not PhoneVite all customers off a specific eNB on LTE, just not working in Sonar. Also if an AP is down we can not get a list because Sonar does not hold a record of what AP the customer was on before it failed…

Thanks! I wish our parent devices were correct. Pulse just doesn’t like our network.

Hey Simon! Is there any chance you can be more clear on “shortly”? Are we talking days, weeks or months? Is this still going to be a V1 feature, or will we need V2?
Thank you!

Don’t expect any V1 features any longer.

Shortly could be a year or two.

I doubt there will be voice included in that. If you want SMS and Voice message I would suggest looking at OneCallNow. It isn’t integrated to Sonar, but it does a good job of delivering mass voice, SMS and email messages.

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I would guess “soon” means within a year or two.

Since they can’t get Mass Email to work properly in V2, I have no hope they will get SMS to work properly.

As far as I am aware there are no issues with the mass email feature in V2, but please send us an email to and I will be glad to dig a bit deeper into this.

Are you serious?

I have been asking about this repeatedly over the last month and it is still broken.

On Oct 6th I sent an email to my guys that I have a constant email thread with due to the constant issues, informing them that the list of who an email is going to be going to based on the filters stopped working. It always just shows the full list of customers, filters do nothing.

On Oct 7th I got a reply that said “I would not rely on the Mass email feature at this point.”

I got another reply on the 12th that said “… the feature does indeed work but there is a bug with the front-end interface.”

This “bug” still have not been fixed to date.

Then on Oct 14th I sent another email with an old “bug” that came back, and that one is way worse than the UI issue. If you add a filter Email Category= “any valid category” it breaks the Mass Email functionality, and nothing gets sent out. So we have been unable to send notices to our financial category, or our General category that we use for Maintenance notifications, instead we have to spam all customers/contacts on accounts.

I got a response on 10/15 saying this was a known issue with the reason…

I asked for a follow up on 10/28 and got no response.

I asked for a follow up on 11/3 (and included and got a response that said “I have not seen any action on this yet.”

So it sounds like you need to fix your internal communications, as customer complaints/issues aren’t getting responded to.

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Please provide message your ticket numbers and I’ll escalate this to the correct person.

I never got a ticket number when I included support@, I just got a reply that said…

  • Thank you for your email to Sonar support. We endeavor to respond to all emails within 1 business day. If you require support urgently, please contact us via telephone at (702) 447-1247.

If you’re looking for some additional resources, you can also visit our community forum and our GitHub repository where we have a number of tools built to help with imports and setup.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!*

But don’t worry, I am going to send each and every issue that I have today as individual issues to the support@ email and request ticket numbers for each one so that I can start tracking the lack of follow through a little better.

usually you get a reply and the subject has the ticket number in it [ticket number]

It will be v2, we’re not backporting anything major to v1. Right now, getting to v1 feature parity is roughly end of Q1 next year, so it’ll be sometime shortly after that. We’ve already purchased the short code, so it’s in the works.