Recent V2 updates!

I know we’ve been quiet lately, and it’s surely not for lack of activity on what we’re working on behind the scenes. Wanted to share some of the more recent developments at Sonar, and we’re planning to make these kinds of update a regular occurrence.

Big changes over the last few weeks:

  • If you haven’t seen the new site at, check it out - There’s more updates coming to the site soon, which we’ll be communicating as they come!

  • Webhooks are now available in v2, with much more flexibility than we had in v1. You will find the ability to webhook practically any event in v2!

  • We now have a public knowledge base! Check out the wealth of information the team has been working over the last few months. Note that this is contextual based on what page you’re currently on, or you can search for whatever topic you’re interested in. This knowledge base can also be reached at directly.

  • Addition of complex filtering options - This adds much more powerful filtering to every table in Sonar and as you can see in the screenshot below, it lets you build some pretty complex rules. You can have as many groups as you want to AND and OR different groups of filters together, and we’ll be implementing the ability to save these filters shortly.

The ticketing interface has a few familiar filters as predefined options now

Example of using this in the inventory module

  • Ability to create custom reports in v2 - we’ve enabled temporary licensing in v2 to allow for customers to create their own custom reports. We’re planning to have more information around this soon as we round out the pre-canned inventory and jobs reports

Minor tweaks to v2 features

  • Payment screen now shows due balance

  • Visit link on IP assignments now defaults to open in a new tab

  • You can now click on phone numbers on an account to call directly

  • Added the created time and user assigned to the main ticketing interface

Notable bug fixes in the last week

  • Various variables were not getting replaced when automated emails were sent when migrating from V1.

  • We caught the gnome that made the “Generate Invoice On Account When First Activated” button not appear in Billing Settings. He’s been reprimanded, and promised to change his ways.

  • The option to close a ticket when posting a comment or to assign the ticket to yourself when replying now works.

V2 Migrations

I’m sure many of you are interested in how we’re progressing here!

Our migration team has been working diligently on converting customers to v2, and is in the process of reaching out to customers that have previously expressed interest in getting on v2. We’ve just sent out requests to the next dozen companies to start the migration process, and are currently moving companies within 1-3 weeks depending on how much time they want to spend in v2 before the cutover.

As for “When can I get on v2?” If you aren’t using any of the features below, or feel that you can live without them for some time, please let support know and we’ll get you added to the next available wave. We’re currently booked out a little over a month for new migrations.

Upcoming v2 features that’ll be in production over the next month or so:

  • We’re working on finishing up alerting rotations so that we’ll have notifications for outages again.

  • Currently developing the system backup functionality so that customers can export/backup their data. In v1, this could only be done via FTP, but we’re looking at supporting other platforms like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc in v2.

  • We’ll also have the ‘currently viewing’ and ‘access log’ functionality working in production soon.

  • Pulse (the auto mapping feature for network sites) is nearing completion. We’ll have some work to do after it’s first released to start fixing all the bugs that have existed since v1, but this is the first step on that path. We’re also getting close to finishing a new poller that is much faster than the old one, and will be much easier for us to update with new equipment so it doesn’t fall out of date like the old one has. Big shout out to Dave, Lori, Kyle, and the team at Netwurx for working with us on the development of some new functionality in the v1 poller that helped with this portion of the new poller.

We’ve got a number of other “v1 Parity” features that are still on the list to be completed. Below is the short list of things we’re tackling next!

  • Geofence creation
  • Avalara support
  • VoIP service billing
  • v1 API wrappers
  • Netflow support
  • Path/elevation profile feature
  • Data usage billling
  • Calendar integrations
  • MailXstream support
  • Paypal payments
  • Marketing (Market Broadband, Mailchimp, Constant Contact) integrations
  • Map filtering
  • Towercoverage integration
  • GoCardless support
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(one of those website things we have to finalize is fully migrating these forums, if you get an error logging in, just change the URL to “” rather than just “”)

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For people looking for the API for v1

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