RADIUS IPs not being collected, address lists not being written


We have many accounts (30% of our subs) IP’s not being picked up by Sonar during authentication via PPPoE/Radius.

This is causing address lists to not be written, and the customers who have exceeded their cap not being throttled correctly.

I have made half a dozen calls to Sonar Support about this, with no response/correction.

Is anyone else having this issue, and how did you correct it?


We have not experienced this. Have you checked your RADIUS database to see if the data is being written there? The first step would be to determine whether the problem is that Sonar is not getting the data from RADIUS, or whether RADIUS is not getting the data from the PPPoE concentrators.


Can you PM me some ticket details or when you called in? I’ll have someone follow up.


We are seeing a similar-sounding issue, where Sonar has stopped writing rows (framed-IP-addresses) to our radreply table. Doesn’t appear to be a connectivity issue (it writes radius creds fine) but it started around the same time as your report and is affecting roughly 30% of our users too.

Ticket number 22050.


Jeremy, looks like they found the cause of your issue and replied to the ticket - let me know if you are still seeing problems though.


@simon, I had emailed yourself, Alex directly after Wispapalooza to address this and a few other things. We have began changing back to simple queues using reply attributes, as the address list functionality is not reliable enough at this time.



I recall, we had Chris assigned to assist. His understanding is everything was resolved and you were going to reach back out with problems. I’ll have him reach out to assist.


Thanks, I will wait to hear from him.

The assumption was that our instance had insufficient resources, so it was increased.

My error was not calling back in to report.


Thanks Brandon for scheduling a call with us today and going through your Radius server and NAS settings. After troubleshooting, we determined that the RADIUS server was not communicating properly with the Mikrotik.Due to the radius server being broken, we found out that the sessions were not writing to the RADIUS server which broke the address list functionality on the Mikrotik. Although this was not an issue with Sonar Software, we will work with you to get your instance working properly. I also wanted to list all the commands we ran to diagnose this issue in-case some of our other customers have the same problem.
Note that some of the fields have been redacted because it is dependent per your instance. All the fields that have been changed are in bold letters.

SSH into the RADIUS server and run the following commands.


Use radius;

select * from radacct where username = ‘CustomerUserName’ AND acctstoptime = NULL;

Cat and list the latest log files and the rad accounts:

cat /var/log/freeradius/radacct/

ls -la /var/log/freeradius/radacct/

Go to the NAS directory that controls the customer that has the RADIUS issue and copy the latest file and send it to Support@sonar.software

cat /var/log/freeradius/radacct/

Kill the session from the Mikrotik/NAS and wait for it to reconnect.
Check and make sure the customer is in the address list.

We will contact you in a few days for collecting additional logs and a final resolution to this issue.