RADIUS ip assignment based on MAC address


Is there any way to assign or track IP addresses assigned by/with RADIUS using the Caller-ID field?

We’re testing PPPoE with some GPON equipment and trying to keep things as simple as possible.

I have everything set up now using a RADIUS server configured via the genie and instructions on the genie page. But this requires the radius user and password to be set for each account, which is another step on top of assigning the cpe device to the account.

What I’m imagining is this:

GPON CPE is installed and assigned to account in Sonar (GPON cpe MAC address is known by Sonar because we entered it when the CPE was received into inventory)

Single shared PPPoE user/password is configured in GPON CPE

PPPoE client links up to server, sends mac address as caller-id field(this already happens)
IP is assigned, either from RADIUS or Mikrotik pool, or somehow from Sonar directly. And then sonar ties that IP back to the account using the CPE mac address.

I’d really just like to get rid of the RADIUS step all together and possibly have the Mikrotik router either directly receive IP addresses from Sonar, or directly inform Sonar of the IP assignments. I don’t like having to keep pools defined in two separate places, and seems like static and multiple IP assignments may be troublesome.