Quarterly or Yearly Billing

How does one setup a customer for quarterly or yearly billing?

Under the ‘Parameters’ section of the financial tab, set the ‘Months to Bill’ to the number of months to bill at a time. Quarterly would be 3, yearly 12. Make sure their ‘Next Bill Date’ is the next date you want the multi-month bill to generate.

Well I found it but it is really confusing.

“Months to bill” should be on a per-service basis, not on the customer entirely.

Think about these examples:

I bill a customer monthly for internet, voip, and webhosting but I bill the customer yearly for a domain renewal.

I bill a customer monthly for internet but yearly for webhosting(because we offer a discount for yearly).

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Yeah, I have this on the list for future enhancement - it’s not possible today though.

I think for now we’ll have to manually keep track and make one-time invoices for domain renewals and yearly services.

Hopefully only once - I’ll get to as soon as I can.

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We ran into similar issues with ‘other’ billing systems. Our solution was to roll the domain fee into the monthly fee. For example $1.50/mnth domain management and renewal.

It is obviously not ideal if your customers are continuously changing/cancelling domains, but for us most of our hosting clients are established business that we have had long term relationships with. Yes while I am paying on a per year basis for renewal and run the risk of them cancelling and me loosing out on a few dollars it is a risk I am willing to take to save the headache of tracking all the different renewal dates and billing on a per customer per domain basis.

That and it is easy when they call and ask if they can add a domain I just say sure it is an extra $1.50/mnth

Although I can set the months to bill to 3 (quarterly billing), I’m unable to set the next bill date to quarterly. It defaults to the next month which means I need to keep track of this separately and adjust manually each quarter. Something to consider when making other changes. Thanks

This is not how it should work. Please reach out to support and they can help you set this up so that the next bill date is pushed out by 3 months each time billing runs.