Quantities broken in One-Time charges


I tried to bill a client for qty 1.5 at $95/hour. The system billed $95. Qty 1.

I tried to bill a client qty 50 at $.50/ft. The system billed .50. Qty 1

Quantities don’t appear to be working in one time billing. Doing more tests.


I found out that Sonar doesn’t like 1.5 as a quantity. It wants 1 or 2. Well, 1.5 hours is a valid quantity.

Please fix this requirement.


These are round numbers only right now. The current workaround is to break down your charges into the smallest possible increments (so if you want to charge in 30 minute increments, have a $45 charge for 30 minutes instead of a $90 charge for 1 hour.)

It’s best to submit any feature requests into Receptive for tracking if you’re looking for a change.