Pushing updates to Preseem


Scenario: customer calls in, changes speed package for whatever reason.

Old Mikrotik limiting: We would change the speed of the customers’ sonar account while on the phone with them, it would automatically send the address list update to the mikrotik and the speed change was almost instantaneous.

New Preseem situation (as I assume it is): We change the speed of the customers’ account in Sonar, let the customer know it will be happening in the next 10 minutes hang up… wait 5-10 minutes for Preseem to poll Sonar, see the changes and upgrade the speed on the users account, we then have to call back and confirm that the customer sees/feels/notices the upgrade and knows its active (we win at customer service).

It would be great if Sonar could just ‘push’ the update to the Preseem via the API integration, rather than waiting for Preseem to ‘poll’ the data periodically.

Any chance that’s something that can happen in V1 or is this another wait till V2 thing?


AFAIK, Preseem has no option to do this currently. If you raise it as a request with them, we can look at what it would take. I’m not sure they have any push capability at all today.


Hmm, I will facilitate that conversation. I was under the impression it was already available.

But i’m seeing that it’s a unique ID required.

I would have to toy with it to see whats possible, I sent them an email with this post. If this isn’t the intended method I’m sure there is or will be one soon.

Thanks for the response!


KC I have been in contact with Scot from Preseem before and he was quick to respond and very knowledgeable about how Preseem integrates with Sonar. If you need an answer right away, I can call you to give you his email.


I appreciate the help Saied. I know the Preseem guys pretty well. Our Sonar integration is great! I was just trying to get it one step closer to instant…

From what I hear on both sides (Gerrit / William @ Preseem and Simon @ Sonar) they are working on making this functionality possible. That’s all I was after…

Now if you want to push us into Sonar v2. That would be amazing!


Won’t be long now!