Push data into sonar via API

Just curious if anyone has been able to put data into sonar through the API.

– Use Case
We are thinking about developing some basic router functionality that will ‘push’ SSID/Passwd, internal latency data etc. to a middleman device (that will push it to sonar using the API, same middleman concept as a poller or batcher Doing it this way will save the devices from being able to communicate directly with sonar.)

The monitoring templates are great for polling and retrieving data using SNMP but what if we want to push data into sonar from the server?

Alternatively we have discussed building an SNMP server on the middleman server that will receive the data from the routers and serve it up dynamically via customized SNMP to get it into sonar on its polling intervals.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

Very doable. We have pushed lots of data via the API. We have written a full sales person front-end that creates accounts, services, jobs, and more. If you need help, feel fee to contact me.

What is the purpose for pushing the SSID/Password etc. into Sonar?

@Michael_Ducharme1 - Usable data for the customer in their portal, but I guess we could just use a separate portal DB. or a custom field in their account for that type of ‘sticky data’

@Scott_Reed1 - We don’t have a problem with pushing that kind of data into the API, We are just wanting sonar to graph the statistical data without requiring that data to be acquired via the poller. Like devices in home and ping times from their router to them (to help determine in-home wifi issues etc.) Essentially we would utilize the in-home router to be a ‘micro in-home poller’ and send that data into sonar. - Just running through different concepts to make our users customer experience better.

The poller uses an undocumented API endpoint, which may be helpful.
Of course, I have no idea what version 2 may do to it.

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If the data you want is regarding the customer router itself (their internal wifi SSID, etc.) then what you probably actually want is a TR069 ACS like GenieACS. It is already meant to store all that stuff without needing to make your own custom fields.