Pulse, sectors

In pulse, you can see the clients connected to a sector, how do i get the view to show these clients on the map? I would like to be able to see each sector’s “coverage” in sonar.

it works when it wants to far us. when we changed APs with the same model. sometimes sonar sees the connection and sometimes not… i think it uses MAC addresses. So make sure all your MAC addresses are right. But, even if they are… it still might not work.

We have also found Pulse to be… less than accurate…

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We have been adding additional logic to the current version of Poller/Pulse to better determine connected clients. Make sure your pollers are on the latest versions(currently 1.1.24).
To update, SSH into the poller and run the following command sudo php /opt/poller/bin/checkForUpgrades.php

should we have more then 1 poller. Would more… (Like 5) have issues?

Did you mean Version 1.1.24??

I would highly suggest you to deploy more poller as your network grows. Generally it is recommended that for every 2000 devices being polled, you have one poller deployed.
And thank you for the correction, the latest poller version is 1.1.24.