Procera + Sonar = The Ultimate Solution


Procera, for everyone.

The challenges facing ISP networks today are massive. Streaming video, constant software updates, and the deluge of devices inside residential households have caused bandwidth requirements to skyrocket. We've long advocated the use of a Procera Networks device as a solution to this problem, but the high cost of the Procera appliances, coupled with the complex and expensive licensing and support contract model, has left this solution out of the hands of many of our customers. Today, that changes.

Procera + Sonar - The Ultimate Solution

Available now, the Procera + Sonar solution brings a cost effective and highly scalable solution to all our customers, large or small. Running on COTS Dell servers, this solution offers a small up front cost in hardware, and a simple, per-subscriber pricing model.

This solution is easy to understand. You purchase a Dell server from a list of predefined choices, based on your bandwidth needs. You use Sonar to manage your customers, in tandem with the Procera device. We bill you a simple, low additional monthly fee on a per subscriber basis. In return, you receive every feature Procera offers - application aware policy enforcement, filtering, and shaping, ScoreCard, Insights, Carrier Grade NAT, content filtering, and more.

What can Procera do for you?

The potential is almost limitless! Provide in-network content filtering services to your customers. Prioritize customer traffic simply and effectively based on application signatures - with a couple of clicks, you can quickly prioritize gaming, voice, and streaming video traffic on a per-customer basis, while de-prioritizing or shaping software updates and backups. Implement shaping, prioritization, and filtering policies based on application, protocol, port, VLAN, MPLS label, BGP AS - almost any attribute you can think of.

What does it cost?

The pricing model is simple. Purchase a Dell server from our list of approved models, and we'll deploy the Procera solution onto the server for you. You then pay Sonar a monthly fee, based on the quantity of subscribers in your network, starting at just 75 cents a subscriber. That's it - no maintenance fees, no support contracts, and no long term agreements. Best of all, you can deploy up to 25 devices in your network for the same monthly fee. You get simple and cost effective geographical diversity and failover without any additional ongoing cost.

If you'd like to learn more, please contact or call us at (702) 447-1247. We also have a couple of setup videos available on Sonar Casts, which many more coming soon.


Can’t seem to find anyone asking the questions so I will.

Just to be clear, this is an additional $0.75 (plus the purchase of a dell approved server of course) to the sonar per subscriber cost? or is it included with your sonar per subscriber cost. I interpret it to be included and others I have spoken to interpret that procera as an additional.

Thanks in advance, keep up the good work.


The Procera product is 75c per subscriber for the first 5000 subscribers. This is in addition to the cost of Sonar itself (so, $2 per subscriber in total.)


Thank you for the clarification Simon,
Appreciate the quick response!


Extremely happy to be on board with Procera. Their support has been great. As we speak one of their engineers is working on both our Procera VM’s. Great support so far, can’t wait to get Procera up and running.


Appreciate your team jumping on board so fast, Joey - can’t wait to bring those servers online!


This is big time for both Sonar, and Procera! Look forward to hearing positive results!!!


We just ordered two Dell R430’s per Sonar/Procera’s Specs. Purchased from our account representative at Dell. It definitely paid to call them versus ordering online- they have some excellent deals going on this model right now. Ordering via a rep yielded us more savings than displayed online and got us: free overnight shipping, 0% interest for 90 days with Dell Financial Services, reduced build time, and an upgrade to their 5-year on-site warranty at no cost ($966+ Value).

Here is our reps contact info if anyone else is ordering these servers and wants to pick-up a good deal.


Not to get too sales pitchy, but we are having a pretty unprecedented response to this, so there will be a bit of a waiting list to get people up and running. If you’re wanting to move forward with this solution in the short term, jump on it soon!


Becuase this model is, simply amazing. It makes Procera nearly affordable for any WISP and keeps cash flowing.


Is the list of approved servers posted somewhere?

  • Paul


No, but we can send them to you if you email sales.


We use it. Set it and forget it. Make sure you buy the statistics module and you’ll have all the user data tracked as well. Great for troubleshooting.