Problem creating user via API


I’m trying to create an account via the API but am receiving this error:
422: Your json is not properly formatted.

Should I be sending my curl post as a query string or an array?


I json encoded my data array before sending it and the error changed to:
‘the email message categories must be an array’
‘the county field must be a valid county for the state selected’

So now my questions are:

  1. The county I’m sending is correct…are the counties in sonar different than the actual county names?
  2. What are email message categories and how can find out what they are?


I created an array of email_message_categories to submit and that seemed to rectify that error, but I’m getting another error:
‘county: the physical address county is required’

When I query the api for …/_data/counties it sends back:
error: 404


I believe I have it working.
I had to query:

…to get the neccessary data to complete the query. Hopefully this will help spare someone else the hassle.