Powercode BMU rehabilitation options?


We have flipped away from powercode now completely and we’re hoping not to loose the powerhouse of a BMU gx426 (quad SFP+ module)

Has anyone tried to convert one of these over to RouterOS? I found some a couple of forum posts on the Mikrotik site having luck with using the the netinstall, but i couldnt find anything more recent. I’d prefer not to brick it.

Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

Side note: it has a 4GB CFast Card in it, SATA headers etc.


Yes, it’s been done by a few people we’ve migrated. The annoying part is flashing the CFast card, it won’t work in a regular card reader, you need a special CFast reader like https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1032304-REG/sandisk_sddr_299_a46_extreme_pro_cfast_reader_writer.html. Might be easier to throw a small SSD in it. I don’t know if the SFP+ card will work, but the router itself should be fine.

Although, to be honest, you might get more for it just selling it on Wisp Talk or something, and buying a Cloudcore.


The cloudcore’s get quite expensive when you get into the multiple SFP+ areas. So I really hope we don’t loose that functionality. otherwise its useless to us anyway.

Ever heard of anyone taking an image of the card and flashing it back if it can’t?


Not that I know of, I would think you would have to get Powercode to do it for you. If you want to do that, I’d just buy a blank CFast card and keep the existing one.


I have a similar unit from Baltic Networks called the Maxxwave Vengeance.

It runs CHR on top of esxi. You could likely do the same with just about any linux virtualization platform such as proxmox.


Hi KC1

If you are looking to get rid of your BMU I have a CCR1036 8GB with 2 SFP+ ports i would be willing to trade with you.

we are looking to migrate to Sonar but arn’t quite ready yet and need some SFP+ ports.

let me know.



@KC1 if you didn’t see it…


I did, I’m just running it by Kitt - (Owner @ Swift Internet)
@Brenton_Kidd if you wanted to call and talk to him - (250) 402-9420
I’m sure you two can come to some type of a deal.