Portal Access Alerts?


How can the portal (v2) be configured to have Sonar show alerts if communication is lost between Sonar and the portal?

For example, Sonar sends alerts if it loses connectivity with the poller, or RADIUS server. I’d like to know when it loses connectivity with the portal in the same way.

Thank you, Chris


There is no persistent connectivity, so this isn’t possible today unfortunately. We’d have to add something to do regular checks from the portal, as Sonar never touches the portal directly, it’s all the other way around.


Perhaps a portal update could do something as small as 10 minute interval API connection / credential tests. Sonar could have an option to send alerts if no API requests come in from the portal user account for some specified period of time.

Then, we could have some notification if the portal server is down or some connection between servers is down.


Have the poller monitor the customer portal’s address?

This would be a great idea to have Sonar talk to customer portal to check connectivity to let us know if there is a problem, like other servers that are connected to Sonar.


We use uptime robot specifically for this (www.uptimerobot.com). It has a free account that checks at 5 minute intervals. We pay for the 1 minute interval account and use it to check the billing portal as well as our router public IPs.


In this case I believe @Chad_Wachs solution is likely the best course of action for right now.

As @simon mentioned, the Sonar instance never really touches the portal directly. The customer portal basically acts as a front-end GUI that just requests data from the Sonar instance using the API to retrieve customer account information and update account details.

If we were to update the customer portal code to have some type of polling functionality, if the customer portal server ever went down, there would be no way for it to poll or alert us that something was wrong since it’s down.

The only way this would work would be adding a new feature to Sonar v1 for the instance to talk with the portal server (our development team is focusing all efforts at the moment on getting V2 ready for everyone).

With all that being said, using something like the Uptime Robot is going to be the best solution in the meantime to achieve this desired functionality.



The actual desired functionality is to know whether the portal and sonar are communicating with each other.

I can already monitor whether the portal server is up or down.

I understand the associated limitations that have been presented.

I think my previous suggestion still holds and avoids the limitations that have been expressed by you and by Simon:

Thank you, Chris