Poller issues with Netonix


We are having issues getting Poller and the resulting Pulse network maps to work with our Netonix switches. It is really hit or miss (almost random) when there will be connections from our switches to APs, backhauls, routers, etc. I feel like I must be missing something since Netonix is a popular WISP switch and I don’t see other issues on here.

We have gotten into the habit of adding every MAC address an item has into Sonar inventory (most radios have 2 or 3 MACs). We assign the IP address of the device to either the wireless MAC for a AP or the Ethernet MAC for a backhaul. If we use the Ethernet MAC for an AP, none of the clients attached to that AP show up…

So, what am I missing to get connections between Netonix and almost everything else on the network working?


99% of the time, it is because they are not on the latest firmware, but if you know they are, send some examples in to support and we’ll take a look.


We have verified that every one of our switches is on the latest release candidate available as of today. I am working with support on this but wanted to see what advice or issues the user group might be able to provide to help me troubleshoot and fix this. It must be useful since I don’t see other Netonix problems mentioned here…


We are just getting Pulse going too, and have this problem. The first switch I’ve added is on 1.4.7 firmware. Pulse is picking up most of the port links correctly but it’s got the port to the tower router incorrect, and I can’t manually fix it.

Is there anything I can do to remedy this? I’m otherwise quite impressed with Pulse and surprised at how much it has figured out on its own.


Most of this is due to issues with bridges on MikroTik. Best thing to do is contact support so we can try to figure out a workaround.


After a few firmware upgrades, I finally gave up trying to fix them all. If you are successful in getting yours resolved, let us know. I’ll revisit in that case.