Poller has not returned any network monitoring data


I just recently installed the poller on a fresh install of Ubuntu 16.04, and this is the error I keep receiving.

“Poller “xxxx” has not returned any network monitoring data to Sonar since xdate and time. Please check it for errors, or disable it to stop receiving this alert.”

I run all the checks and upgrades mentioned on the Github site, and also what I have found in the forums.

Has anyone else ran into this? I am have support looking into it, but I am impatient, and need this working soon so I can move on with the rest of the setup. I am hoping its something simple. I am not much of a linux guy. I figure if nothing else, I can update it with the fix for the next person who runs into the issue…


Also, if I run the “getWork” command, then my snmp stats will show up for the device in sonar for that moment… Its almost like it has to be told to send data…


Evidently I installed it under my user, and not under root. As I said, im not much of a Linux guy :smile:
Thanks to Alex from Sonar for helping me out!