Poller Configuration


I have been having some minor configuration with the sonar poller and was wanting to see what everyones configs were for the Poller.

Our main issue is that we seam to have really stable Pings using the poller but the SNMP seams to just cut in and out.

Here is a snapshot of one of our devices. This is a simalr view of all of our equipment being monitored.

Here is another snapshot. Its less frequently failing but is still consistant.

What is odd is that I know that its not the devices.

We have two other monitoring software monitoring the same devices with now errors.

I have SNMP timeout set to 2S which is not default hoping the extra time would prevent false errors.

I have updated my server (Ubuntu 16.04) and have also update the pollor (1.1.7)

Does anyone have any suggestions or questions that would help?

Thanks everyone!


Generally, it’s the timeout. You can try upping the retries too, or increasing the timeout some more. Make sure you’re following the guide to restart the poller after config change.


@simon I actually don’t see any instructions in the poller documentation in referance to restarting the poller. Could you share where those instructions are?


Never mind, guess it’s not needed anymore. You can do monit restart defaultQueue to restart it though.