Poller and AirFiber 24 SNMP


Anyone doing SNMP monitoring with Poller and AirFiber 24’s? Our do not work at all. We have changed the poller template to use SNMP v1 for the AirFiber but it never gathers any SNMP data - it just tells us the device is not responding via SNMP. ICMP is fine.

I know our AF24’s are answering SNMP v1 because they are reporting data to our PRTG install every 30 seconds. So, seems to be related to Poller. Poller does talk to our other non AirFiber 24 devices via SNMP just fine - but they are all v2 requests. I am wondering if Poller really is using v1 or if something else is amiss with the AF integration.


We are. Do you have a completely separate template for the AF24? I might suggest creating one from scratch and setting it to v1 before saving. I have noticed some weird things happening with UBNT where V2 was enabled at some point in the template, especially after Sonar implemented deployment types…


I do have a template that we designed ONLY for the AF24’s. I deleted it and built a new one from scratch. If we only collect “interface stats”, it gives us data. The second we add any SNMP OIDs to the template, the radio reports as down and SNMP stops working. I can take that same OID, enter it into PRTG and it works perfectly. If we import the existing AirFiber template in Sonar, it fails. I can delete all but one of the OIDs and it still fails. The moment I delete the last OID, SNMP works again… But, we can’t monitor anything useful other than interface stats.


Agreed, need SNMP for anything worthwhile there. Is your poller set to auto-update itself? That’s about the only other thing I can think of aside from having them take a look at the poller and see what’s happening.


Poller does auto upgrade and I just verified I am on latest reported version. Can you post one of your working OIDs I can test?


One more obvious fail point… community string match up?

We’re just using the template that comes up in Sonar for “airfiber 24”…

Some of the working OIDs to test with: - rx capacity - tx capacity


Community string works. I am getting interface stats and that has to come from SNMP. And, when I have no OIDs listed in the template, I get a green line for SNMP data in the monitoring stats. As soon as I add an OID to the list, SNMP fails. I delete the OID (so none are listed), it starts replying again.

I am already using the OIDs you list with a failure status. It’s super odd. I guess I will reach out to support and see what they can find out…


If you look at the ‘Status’ tab on a device, it will show you why SNMP is showing down.


“No Response” is what I get.

To duplicate this:

  1. Create a brand new polling template for the AF24. Enter the v1 community and turn on “Collect interface stats” and “ICMP Monitoring”. DO NOT add any OIDs but assign it to my AirFiber inventory model.

  2. It now collects interface stats and I get an SNMP UP status in the status tab for that device. It will stay working until step 3.

  3. Add ANY OID to that template. This takes SNMP to “No response” and it will never come back again until I delete the template and create a new one following steps 1 and 2.


I am running firmware 3.2 on an old AF24. That is the latest firmware. We have a PRTG server sitting right next to the Poller server. Both are on the same subnet and behind the same firewall. Neither has to traverse the firewall to access our radio management IPs. PRTG has no problem getting SNMP data from the AirFiber. I can SNMP poll the AirFibers from my laptop. They retrieve data. It just seems to be Poller.

It looks like SNMP stops responding after a few minutes even if I don’t add any OIDs. Am running another test with a fresh poller template. It gives me a response as soon as I built it and attach it to the inventory but it stops responding between 1 and 5 minutes later. This 1 to 5 minute number is different each time I test it.


Increase your timeout and retries in the poller.


Had retries at 2 (SNMP) and took timeout from 1 second to 5. That seemed to fix it! I have a 1ms ping time but I guess since the CPU in those older AirFibers is slower, it was simply taking too long to answer an SNMP query.