Please upgrade your sonar instance to 1.7.46 before 1/11/2020

Due to scheduled maintenance from our mail provider Mandrill, we are asking everyone to upgrade your Sonar instance to version 1.7.46 before January 11th 2020. The update will delay any outbound emails from sending until the maintenance is done. If you have automated emails scheduled to go out on January 11th and this update is not in place, there will be outbound email failures.

To update your instance, Click on System > Upgrade and either click on Apply Update Now or the Schedule Update button and schedule the update before January 11th 2020.

Just an update. It looks like there was an additional unforseen error as a result of the Mandrill maintenance window on January 11. This issue has now been corrected by our development team and all emails that were queued to go out since the maintenance window should now have gone out without any “lost” emails. If you are still noticing any issues please contact us at Our team is aware of the issue and has been instructed to prioritize email related issues. Thank you for your understanding and sorry for the hassle this morning!