phpIPAM integration

Has anybody integrated phpIPAM into Sonar? The IPAM in Sonar is not a very good product whereas phpIPAM is great product and I am tired of doing double entry of IP addresses.

Interested in this also

I’m currently double entering our IP addresses into IPAM and into Sonar - not sure if you can integrate.

We are double entering them as well. However, we try to minimize this as much as possible. When we have subnets that are entirely customer static IPs, we don’t really need to spend the time recording customer IPs in phpIPAM because Sonar should have all of those. In those cases, we do add the customer static IP subnet into Sonar, but we append “MANAGED BY SONAR” to the subnet name in phpIPAM, so that we know that we have to check Sonar for an accurate accounting of IPs in that subnet. The subnet ends up being left empty in phpIPAM, unless somebody needs a PTR record set for a mail server or something like that.

Right - that’s something similar what we do.