Partial Credit Card Refund

Does Sonar offer a way to do a partial credit card refund?

Not in the current version. Developers are actively working on adding this to version 2.

This is an important issue that we face (we’re still in v. 1). I’m caught between taking the loss of revenue for a partial month of service already provided by being required to issue a full month’s refund, or feel like I’m not being as ethical as I would be under other circumstances if I don’t offer a partial refund. We prorate at the front end when we install service, we should be able to prorate a refund on the back end. Any update on this? I see it’s been a year since the previous comments. Thanks.

This is in V2 but I am not sure how long it will take to get this working on V1. I will call you later today to talk about some other alternatives while we work on moving you to V2.

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