"Parent Device" stopped working


It seems in the past month or so, the “Parent Device” for our radios has stopped updating. I am trying to figure out if this is something we caused or an update to Sonar that caused it. We have not changed our process in Sonar at all. We use Cambium ePMP radios and in Sonar, use the Wireless MAC address for our IP address tracking. I verified that our Poller box is running and has all the latest updates applied. I am running Poller 1.1.4

All customer radios added to Sonar in the past ~ 30 days do not show a parent device. If I move a radio from one tower to another that does have a parent device, it does not update after the move.

About the only thing we changed on our network was turning on “discovery” in our Netonix switches. No firmware updates have been applied to our APs or SMs since late 2017 - same with all of our Netonix switches.

What specifically caused “Parent Device” to show up so I know where to start troubleshooting this??