Outgrowing Sonar Scheduling - weighing my options

Firstly, the Sonar team has done a wonderful job with v2 building a piece software that is a joy to use. Sonar is an integral part of our business. We’ve developed a lot of custom code to extend it to fit our needs.

Our Problem
We’re at a fork in the road, because the scheduling/dispatch isn’t cutting it anymore, It is actually really great for what it does… The map, the scrolling it was really well designed… but we’ve grown a little bit and need more from it, specifically:

  • We need to put multiple people on jobs
  • We have install jobs that take a week, with many people, how can we schedule them?

The workaround: “job cloning”… so if we had a 1 week job with 2 people, I would need to create 1 job + 13 dummy/clone jobs to block out the calendar. (Or am I wrong? Maybe I’m missing something).

But, what if a job gets re-scheduled? Then I have to move 14 jobs around. And where would job notes go? which job? It might be confusing.

Here are the options I can think of:

Option 1: Keep using Sonar

  • Go with the Dummy/Clone job route, but use the API to manage them… perhaps build a tool that would link jobs together and be able to perform bulk changes on them.
  • PRO: No integration needed with other software
  • CON: Seems messy and clunky. We would end up with hundreds of dummy jobs each month.

Option 2: Build our own calendar

  • I’ve had to do it before, build off of FullCalendar.io, to do exactly what we need
  • It would have it’s own “appointments”, that link back to actual Sonar Jobs
  • PRO: we get exactly what we want
  • CON: Expensive - we have to build and maintain, re-inventing the wheel a little bit

Option 3: Use 3rd party, like Jobber

  • PRO: Get specialty software for cheap (depending on how much integration there is)
  • CON: Constrained by integration, where will customer data and job notes live? duplicated?

Option 4: Pay Sonar for Development?

  • Is this an option?

I would love to hear peoples opinions… especially @simon. Thanks!

Hi @Tim_Hon

I see your point about jobs that are multiple days. We don’t have week long jobs, but we do have multi-day jobs and we just clone to each day. You can add multiple people on one job, so you don’t need to clone for that unless one person won’t be there for the whole time. All the people on the job will get the same time slot. So if we send two guys for the whole time they are on one job and then if my partner Matt goes for the first hour, I clone the job for Matt.

I think it would be great to have a “repeat” function, so if you need people to go back every day for a week then like Google Calendar you could just repeat that job.

However, speaking of Google Calendar, I would love Sonar to figure out how to get the third-party verification working for Google before doing any new functions. Without that, I can’t hire any one new without having to sync the calendar everyday manually.


Amazing. You CAN put multiple people per job.
I had never known because if you don’t check the box “Show timeslots where all users available”… then you only get radio buttons, not checkboxes, even if all users are available!!

Ok this does change things, now I need to re-evaluate. thanks!

Yes you can just click the Multiple Users radio button and then select more than one. Glad I replied!
Hope that helps.

I ran into this issue this summer, Martha_Huizenga. We hired a summer technician during our busiest months, and he was never able to have his own calendar linked to Google, which is what we look at on our phones and desktops. Please, Sonar, prioritize this issue. I know Martha and I aren’t the only ones who needs this. tia

@Tim_Hon What are you using for calendaring now? Sounds like Google sync is not available in V2, so curious what your techs look at for their scheduling?

I don’t have a release window but I do see that the developers are actively working with google now to get the authentication issue resolved. From reading some information about it, google changed the way the require authentication which involved making quite a few changes in the backend.
Things are moving much faster now and hopefully it will be resolved real soon.

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