Our acquisition of WispMon


Sonar, an industry leader in ISP billing and OSS solutions, today announced that it has acquired WispMon, a prominent ISP billing and OSS platform targeting the fixed wireless industry.

"The WispMon team is highly knowledgeable of the fixed wireless industry, and has a proven track record of over a decade of experience providing a popular and well regarded platform to fixed wireless operators" stated Simon Westlake, CEO of Sonar. "By combining the Sonar and WispMon development and support teams, we can now leverage our larger pool of talent to accelerate the development of new, innovative features in Sonar, as well as bringing the widely acclaimed Sonar platform to all existing WispMon customers. This acquisition provides additional benefit to our fixed wireless customers, as we will utilize the existing technology and broad industry knowledge in WispMon and the WispMon team to accelerate development of new features and products to specifically enhance our fixed wireless offerings."

"Sonar is the perfect fit for us. They have developed the best platform in the industry in an extraordinarily short period of time, and our common culture of unparalleled customer service and innovative feature development unites us," said Cameron Crum, CTO and lead developer of WispMon.

The Sonar billing & operational support system (OSS) software has been trusted by hundreds of ISPs worldwide since September 2015. The company recently released version 1.4 with a host of new features, including Pulse that allows automatic deduction of network topology associated with network elements managed by Sonar, with the ability to implement real time prioritization, shaping, alerting, and message delivery based on changing network conditions.

"The local and regional ISP industry is moving towards a complex, multi-layered approach to service delivery, mirroring work that has been happening at the national level for some time." continued Mr. Westlake. "Sonar's approach to solve the service delivery and management problem for local and regional ISPs has been to integrate with as many industry leaders as possible, while also developing new, exciting features like our recent 'Pulse' module, which automatically determines the topology of ISP networks, and our acquisition of WispMon will accelerate our ability to continue towards our goal of providing the best, most comprehensive platform in the industry."

About WispMon
The WispMon suite of software tools provides innovative solutions to small and medium sized Internet Service Providers. Our products are designed to meet the day to day needs of operators allowing them to maximize efficiencies by combining the features and tool sets most needed to run, manage, and operate their businesses from a single cloud based application, accessible from any browser enabled device. Founded and developed by small ISP operators to meet the needs of their own business, WispMon Pro and its suite of ancillary products has been leading the way in new feature set development since 2005.

About Sonar
Sonar provides a comprehensive billing and OSS solution to the ISP industry. Our platform offers a scalable, affordable, modern, and fully featured solution to the challenges facing modern ISPs. The Sonar platform is in use by hundreds of ISPs around the world, and has helped solve complex problems for providers of many types and sizes. For more information, visit https://sonar.software.


Congrats to both Sonar and WispMon, this sounds like a great move all around!


Thanks Rick!


Congrats and seems like a smart move and bringing additional talent to the growing team! How has this changed the road map for sonar and what does it bring to existing sonar customers?




It won’t change a thing in terms of the roadmap in the short term - we already have solid plans for the next major version, it’ll just help us get there much quicker. The biggest short term benefit to existing Sonar customers will be that we have both additional support staff, and additional development staff, but I’m confident the abilities of Cameron will manifest in new services and modules as time goes on.


Just for fun: by any chance did you acquire their pricing as well? :slight_smile:

It looks like they have some solutions that are already on the roadmap. It will be nice to see what might get integrated or improved with the new acquisition.


As a WispMon customer, i’m optimistic in the acquisition. Some things we hope to look forward to:

Increased Application Performance
Increased Response to Support Needs
Further Ability to Tailor Environment for Specific Requirements
New Tools & Easier Integration Into Existing Needs

I’m excited for the opportunity to discuss & make life easier!



Welcome to the forum, and to Sonar! Looking forward to getting you transitioned over.



Drew you will find this product highly scalable and will perform as well as you want it to.