Order Methodology - Where To Put Services For An Order?


When using the scheduler, do you choose to add services only through a scheduled installation, or do you add the services directly to the account prior to the scheduled installation?

How do you apply installation discounts?

Right now, if you put services in the scheduled installation, Mimosa will not correctly provision until after you “complete” the job… but it isn’t actually complete until the provisioning is over. So, one must add services directly to the account (which I don’t think is the intended use).

Further, if you offer someone $100 off an installation, it appears that cannot be entered into the scheduler. The discount has to be put directly on the account as a credit before the installation is complete (which I also think is not the intended use).


I agree that the scheduler needs to be changed. We should be able to do price overrides within the scheduled job.
However, you can make a custom service that is a credit and call it $100 off of install and that will work


I suppose a specific credit would work. We often offer discounts based on complexity, so right now we just run adjustments since the agreements tend to vary. I suppose we could have a range of discounts in $25 increments or something, but that seems non-ideal.