Open ticket when data cap is reached


We have been using the triggered emails to notify customers when they reach both 75% and 95% usage. However, WE never really get anything that let’s us know of issues or upcoming issues. For now I would love to be able to have a ticket opened when a customer hits a predetermined amount, such as 99 or 100 percent. That way we know to act on something.



Good idea, I’ll add this to the list!


i would like this option of delinquencies on select accounts as well.
Say a business goes delinquent, but they are set to stay active because of it is central to their business and we have an agreement to notify them but not turn them off. Right now they get an email, but until I check their account or the list of delinquencies, I am not notified.


There are several valid use cases to have triggered tickets based on a service setting - for instance voice products that done have an automatic network activation/deactivation. For that matter any service that does not automatically activate/deactivate. Triggered tickets would provide the appropriate heads-up to staff to activate or deactivate the service.

The delinquent report handles one side somewhat but this report tells you everyone that has deactivated and, so far, we’re not sure how to tell if a specific service has deactivated. As well, we aren’t aware of a report that can handle when a service has become active after payment. This is a pretty critical use-case for any service that doesn’t have automation.