New to Scheduling - some questions


Hey gang!

We are going to start using Sonar scheduling on 5/1 and we have some questions:

-How can I handle multiple Schedulers/Supervisors on Sonar (we have 3)?
-How can we assign more than 1 tech to a Job?
-How can we schedule jobs out of regular tech schedule? (Overtime, Oncalls)

Hope I can get some insight from the community! Sorry if they are repeat questions…



The first thing I would do is go to watch the videos:
There is an entire section on scheduling.

  • My company has multiple schedulers as well. We use Google calendars to see our various Tech’s schedules. You could also use the built-in Sonar feature.
  • There is a radio button to select “Multiple Users” for a scheduled Job.
  • I am blissfully unaware of how to schedule outside of normal working hours =) … Likely, it has to do with the “Available Times” feature.

Please holler back, if we can help.


Trying to use the sonar scheduler tool, but Im unable to find a way to segment jobs per supervisor.

Can jobs be managed via Google Calendar?


Hi Gino,
I’m not sure what you mean by segment jobs per supervisor. Are you saying you want the supervisor to be assigned to the job as well as the tech or just that they are going to schedule the job. Are you using tickets or just scheduling jobs for each client?


We have 3 groups of field technicians, each managed by a different supervisor:

Wireless Techs
Tower Techs
Fiber Techs

How the supervisors would be able to manage their group scheduling on the same screen? or is there a way each can only see their assigned techs?


One thing I think would help is if you set up different job types (jobs for fiber (install, repair etc) and jobs for Wireless (wireless install, wireless repair)), then when the supervisor is scheduling, if the tech that does wireless is only allowed to be scheduled for these job types (this is set in scheduling availability), then they will only see those techs. But on the actual schedule you can’t see only certain techs. However, I could see that in Google the Wireless supervisor could maybe only have the wireless techs shared on their calendar and then you would know if they were busy?
Happy to talk by phone if that makes more sense. It’s hard to describe what I’m thinking in text.


Thank Martha, makes sense. Still It would be beneficial to be able to filter the Scheduler view.

Also, do you know if there a way to see all pending jobs to be assigned besides the small right side window?


You can filter using the fields at the top.

. You can filter by user, job type or completed / not completed. It also shows something for Custom fields, but not sure how that works. Also, See the two buttons to the right of create? The first one makes the calendar the way I’m showing it now, so the Queue part is bigger and the 2nd one removes the map which is also how I have it. This might make it easier to see things.


@Gino_A_Villarini I wonder if that new feature of Scheduling Geofencing would help?


thanks, ill check it out