Network Alerts Emails


Is there a way or is there any plan to allow us to edit the network alert emails that are sent out. Be nice to see what is flapping or what is down instead of having to log into sonar and look at the dashboard?


Not currently, but it’ll be reworked in v2.


This has become a larger problem for us now.

When we have a device that registered bad and initiated an alert properly (email with little no useful information) but then after logging into the dashboard the alert has corrected itself. MAKES ME ANGRY

2 questions: (besides the obvious of when are you going to make it better)

  1. Is there a log hiding somewhere or any other way of knowing what initiated the alert?
  2. Is there a plan to create some type of webhook (at least) for these alerts in the near future?


@simon, Do you have an expected timeline for v2 (no ROS7 jokes please) or an idea of when this will be updated?

The API looks to have a way to get some monitoring data but AFAIK we would have to iterate all of the inventory to get whats down:

I would rather parse all of the inventory ip’s and simply write my own poller / notification system if this was the the case. Any feedback would be appreciated. even a simple access to some type of ‘what has been down’ log, or what triggered the notification would be nice.


Nothing I’m comfortable sharing publicly yet. You could look at the search endpoint, you can probably search for a down status there.