Need simple way to split up NRCs


On our big accounts, we often split NRCs over a few months. I’m finding that the current method is getting out of control. The current method requires creating a custom amount and time period for every NRC.

We need something much cleaner than having hundreds of line items for splitting up installation charges.



We only let our NRCs be split into 3 months using an Expiring service. Our install fee is $99 and we put in an expiring fee for $33 on the account. So Sonar bills $33 each month for 3 months. Let me know if you want to see it



That is what we have for simple ones where the NRC is standard. What I’m talking about is those where the NRCs vary and so do the time periods.

Just had one for $2500 paid in 6 months. I’ve had others as well.