Need simple way to bulk add leads into the system


We have lots of leads coming in, but getting them into the system is very slow and painful.

Can you please create a bulk import feature for leads from the main system? I looked at one thing that talked about imports, but it required CLI access and was definitely not a daily use kind of thing. There’s no way one would want the average office person manipulating the system and importing that way.



The only thing we have today is that bulk importer we built that you looked at. I’m planning to integrate it directly into the system at some point, but it’s probably a little way out at this point.


We would be interested in the bulk import tool, even if it is fairly basic. Could you point us at that? We did a quick search of the forum here and in the documentation, but didn’t see any more specifics, however, we might not be looking in right places.

#4 has all our tools.


That is what we were looking for. Thanks,