Need ability to disable


There are times we need to be able to manually disable a client without changing their status from active.

One such instance is that there’s a report of a network issue. In this case, we need to have some kind of ability to tell Sonar to disable the client’s service. Ideally, this would then move their IP to a restricted address list so the routers know to block their service.

It would be similar to the delinquent status that the system automatically does, but it gives us control.

There are other instances where we have needed this too.


You can make a new status and keep if active but put it in a address list that is block.

We have multiple Active statuses. Suspend and Vacation is an example. For Vacation we charge then equipment rental or VOIP but removed the Data Service. When the status is in “Vacation” The IP is sent to an address list that is blocked.

This is done in https://[yours]


Changing statuses wants you to then start messing with billing and prorating.


If you make a custom status for this with “activates account” set to yes, does it still prompt to change the billing settings? I wouldn’t think so since it is then moving from one active status to another active status, but I’ve never tried.


You are correct Michael. If the account is active and you are moving to another status that Sonar considers “Active” than pro-rate is disabled.


Yes, this is the only way we found that will block IPs and still be an active customer and not mess with prorating anything.


You could also use any of the other attributes that you are allowed to flag in an address list, like the account type, or an account group.


That worked and opened some other options.