Near immediate disconnects Q

I’m curious if anyone is doing near immediate disconnects. What I mean by that, is that our invoices go out on the 10th, with a due date of the 1st. I’m thinking of have the delinquency date be the 2nd. Right now, we allow 10 days after the due date, which effectively gives them 30 days to pay.

We may consider a grace period on a case-by-case basis.

It just seems like so many people wait just because they can.

There’s a pretty healthy mix in our customer base, but I’d say it’s more common these days for people to either move to prepay (bill is due before the service starts), or having a very short delinquency window like you describe above to encourage the behavior you want.

Do you send your invoices in advance? We send on the 10th, and say it’s due by the 1st. With this system though, I’ve never completely figured out if it is figuring that the service starts on the 10th, when the invoice is cut, or on the 1st, when the invoice is due.

We do actually, but I was referring to Sonar’s customer base.

Bill day = day invoice is created
Invoice day = day service period starts

If you don’t have split billing/invoice days, the bill day/invoice day is the same.

Support can walk you through adjusting this, it’s pretty straightforward as long as you keep prorating in mind.

This article is around v2, but still relevant to the discussion here -