My first time in Sonar


HI everyone i have a small wisp where i run everything manually. I disconnect the clients manually also. I run simple queque on mikrotik only. I would like to use Sonar but asking if some one could help me set up my network better for me be able to use sonar


The best place to start would be to know how large your network, ie. number of subscribers, how many ap’s/tower sites etc.

Sounds like you have a Mikrotik head end (what model)

What you are hoping to achieve with a consultant? Sonar has some great ‘sonar casts’ > ( that should be able to help you with integration and basic speed limiting, automatic disconnections, and blockpages. Sonar will also assign you an on-boarding person to help you with basic integrations.


Sonar can do much of the client control if you have a central mikrotik that can act as an inline device to bandwidth control and redirect delinquent clients. From a getting started perspective, this and how you’re handing out IP addresses are good first steps here.

After that, it really depends on some details of how you want your network to function. Integrating a DHCP server, deciding how to authenticate users, customer portal, and Pulse are all pretty common deployment options for our customers. Much of this comes down to how you want your environment to run and what are the capabilities of the hardware you have available.

As KC mentions, the casts are a great spot to start if you aren’t sure on some of stuff. I’d also recommend signing up for a weekly demo if you haven’t, and hit up if you have specific integration questions for your setup.