My current issues with sonar


First, I want to congratulate the teams at sonar and wispmon for their recent transaction.

That being said, I’ve been a sonar customer for a while now although I will admit there are many features I have not had time to setup (one of the wisps I own purchased another wisp earlier in the year and integrating them has been a challenge - not related to sonar in any way)

Here are my biggest issues and i wanted to make them public on a sonar forum instead of a public forum elsewhere.

  1. I’m not entirely happy with the accounting system. In fact, unless something has changed, it is very difficult to create a statement for a customer, showing all transactions made. I actually have had to make manual statements (in word) for customers who have gotten pretty far behind. Yes, there is a statement feature in sonar, but it is virtually identical to the invoice feature.

  2. The fact we have to reverse a transaction is becoming very annoying and makes “tracking” what actually happened difficult to us. I understand the need for an accounting trail but I feel this feature should be turned on and off.

I have had these issues for a while but I thought I’d give sonar some time to “make a pass” through these areas and perhaps see some improvement. I invite other customers and the sonar team to reply when they have a moment.

Thanks ya’ll!



The second one is solvable entirely by configuring your system to not close accounting periods, and by understanding the accounting process. You can delete pretty much whatever you want if you never close your period - I wouldn’t recommend it, but the option is there. Hit up our support team and they can help walk you through it, some of the accounting videos may help too.


thanks - any plans for a rewrite of #1 ?



Nothing specific (although you can turn on full transaction detail in the customer portal for users.) If you have something specific you’d like to see, please add it to the feature suggestion tool - we’re in the process of rewriting the CRM right now.


well, like i said, i actually had to create a manual statement showing debits/credits to a customer. I think that is an important part of a billing system. I’ll make that a feature request. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, this is by no means a reason to not use sonar. Just wanted to make that clear to anyone lurking


Please include as much specificity as you can as to how you’d like it laid out, the info displayed, the format etc - it’s helpful for us to get a discussion going. I think if that’s all you needed, the customer portal would probably be a good solution for today, but we are working on rebuilding that entire section right now.


i would agree if the customer would actually login and look at the portal. (we don’t have the new portal up yet anyway) ; but experience has shown we can’t even get people to open their mail down here sometimes.


I have my accounting period set to never close, but I still have to reverse transactions. I’ve never seen the ability to delete. Please expand on this.


I agree with #1 and #2. We like to send statements to people to show how their payments were applied, but it’s just not possible in Sonar. The invoice shows the current open amount and the statement only shows other open invoices. If you want to send an entire statement you have to copy and past the transaction list into excel and then format it for sending.

The other item that I would add to this is when you void an invoice and reverse a charge there are available funds left over and the only way I have been advised by support to get it to balance is to put in a balancing debit. Then the balance due shows $0 but the available funds still show up in the Total Due Balances report and you have to go through them so you know that they aren’t really valid. There should be a way to connect the two transactions so they truly balance each other out.

I realize this isn’t an accounting system, but we are putting in invoices and payments, so there has to be a better way.



This shouldn’t be true in a 1:1 situation. If you create a single debit, invoice it, then void the invoice, the debit is reversed, creating a discount which zeroes the invoice. You won’t see any available funds on the account, nor need to create a separate debit.

We’ll be going through a lot of this stuff in the training in Vegas - hope you guys will both be there!


That’s not the way I was taught by support or the way I have seen it happen.Check out ID 2241 (Brandy Brooks)

We voided the invoice and it reverses the invoiced transactions, since Brandy had already paid created available funds. We weren’t able to refund her through Sonar (we got an error), so we refunded her through IP Pay. So then to make the Balance Due $0 we put in a debit to show that we refunded her through IPPay.

A couple more examples ID 1794 (Robert Roth) and ID: 712 (Dave Eskola). All of these were refunded through IPPay. Perhaps it’s just an issue with that. But when I’m trying to show that these people don’t have a balance, the two transactions should balance each other out. Maybe I was advised wrong.

See attached how these accounts show on the Total Balances due report:


The IPPay piece is the wrinkle in that one. If you refund outside of Sonar, then you have to reconcile that in Sonar.


So we can’t always refund in Sonar - error from Sonar, etc. So we need a better way for this to show in Sonar, so we don’t see these people on the Total Balances Due report.



Probably worth moving this to a support chat since it’s more specific to your particular setup. If there is a one to one fix, they should not be showing up there at all - please shoot these details in to support and we’ll get it figured out with you.


I guess where this becomes a true fly in the ointment is someone misses a payment but continues to pay new invoices received. At some point we contact them to try to get payment on the invoice(s) they missed and it is difficult to show them which invoices those are. The recent changes to invoicing was FANTASTIC in that it shows right on the invoice all remaining open invoices. But there are always those who want the full listing of charges debits and credits (and their dates).


It shouldn’t be - the invoice list will show you exactly which ones are unpaid. I agree if you are trying to just generate a total list of transactions, and that is something we have on the roadmap already.


So it sounds like what everyone here is saying is this: The invoicing is great but there also needs to be a Statement function. The two are totally different, and support two different kinds of customers. Most customers that I have could not deal well on an “open invoices” system, because odds are they don’t know what they have or haven’t paid for, just that they mailed in the payment last Tuesday.

So the account statement becomes invaluable.


This is more about a total transaction output. Sonar does support both statements and invoices today.


I really wish I could easily create an invoice for a custom amount. Let’s say i’m doing a custom install job. Right now I have to add a new service for the specific amount im charging for this specific job.


Just use an adjustment service. You can charge any amount you like if you do that.