Monitoring template updates


How do we get requests in for new monitoring templates for radios? There are no templates for the IgniteNet MetroLinq radios or the Mikrotik 60GHz radios, to name a couple. What is the process for requesting new templates?


Get in touch with support, as long as you have devices they can test against, they can help.


Any new developments on getting Ignitenet equipment included in the templates? This is a major hold back for us.


Not yet but we never reached out to support. I did talk to Sonar about this at WISPAPALOOZA. I would siggest emailing support as well. The more people they know want it, the faster (hopefully) it will get done.


You can build them yourself, if you have the OIDs - the templates are completely customizable inside Sonar.

Nobody ever contacted us with some test gear, and I don’t have any - if you reach out to support with access to some test units, they can work on it.


Do you need access to the IgniteNet radio or what specifically do you need for the “test” unit? We have lots of IgniteNet radios deployed so as long as you are not rebooting them, you can use them for testing with our Sonar instance.


Just need access to a poller that can reach them, and the SNMP community.


That’s easy to do. Done. What’s next?


Nothing, that’s all we’ll need to get the template building in the queue.