Monitoring CPE device with IPv6 address



I am trying to add IPv6 address for a CPE inventory device for a customer. Sonar gives the error that the address has to be in a pool, but I can’t seem to be able to create pools for IPv6. What do I do?


Hey Michael,
Unfortunately I am not too sure how to do this but I did ask around and here is the information I gotten so far.
“PPPoE assignment would be the most common approach
assign the IP to the RADIUS user, and have that pull from an IPv6 pool in the concentrator”

Unfortunately I am not too familiar with how IPv6 works so perhaps one of our other customers knows more information than I do.


Hi sorry, I don’t think you understood what I meant.

I’m not talking about IPv6 for my customers - I have that working just fine.

The problem is that I want the sonar poller to monitor radios with the IPv6 address of the radio. I can’t set the IPv6 address for the radio because sonar says it has to be in a pool, but there is no option to create a pool for IPv6 subnets in IPAM.