Mimosa: how to display altitude in feet? Or how to multiply in templates?


I want to collect the altitude data from the Mimosa Backhauls. OID It, sensibly, returns a value in meters. We think in feet here. So, I would like to multiply the resulting value by approximately 3.280839895. There is no “Multiply by” field. I’m okay with a “Divide by” of approximately 0.3048. Unfortunately, the data validation won’t allow a value of less than 2. Am I out of luck?

I know grabbing altitude of a fixed device is not all that useful. I just think it would be nice to be able to see the elevation of the sites with a quick look. At least, it’s not less useful than polling the latitude and longitude.

I live at about 300 ft ASL, 4 states from the gear. The gear is at approximately 2800 M and up. I might like to have a reminder of how much O2 to bring with me when I’ve been away for a while. :slight_smile: The data is available, so why not?


Obliquely related to this. I’m graphing Mimosa’s TX and RX throughput. The values they return via SNMP are kbps * 100. So we get bps / 10 and truncated. Useful? Not so much.

If I just divide by 100, I get “kbps” so I set the label to that. When we’re passing 29 Mbps of traffic, with auto scale on the graph shows “29 Kkbps”. If I disable autoscale I get “29000 kbps”. Which is accurate, but takes another half second to parse for someone who knows what to expect.

For the best results with Mimosa’s design choice, I probably need to multiply by 10, set the label to “bps” and let the graph autoscale logic do it’s thing.

BTW, I now have a template for backhauls which graph the throughput, all 4 TX and RX PHY chains, PER streams, and EVM streams as well as getting the version, GPS, last reboot, and device name information. Sonar, feel free to snarf it and provide it to everyone if you don’t already have a better template built.


Makes sense, I’ll add a multiplication option.


Thank you, Simon!