MikroTik 60 GHz PTP Network Monitoring Template?


Anyone have an existing MikroTik 60 GHz PTP network monitoring template they’d be willing to share?

[I just started working on ours and figured I’d check here. Perhaps it would be nice to have an open collection of templates that could be submitted or subscribed to?]


I can check and see if we have one floating around somewhere or we could build one out tomorrow if you like. Feel free to give us a call tomorrow and I can do a session with you and set on over screenshare. (702) 447 1247 ext 1018
I do think we will build better monitoring templates in V2 eventually but not sure about the timeline.



Thank you for the specific offer. I did make my own template, but I was just looking for some more depth or details I may not have considered.

For now, I can leave it as-is as I’m generally happy with the results so far.

Thank you, Chris


There needs to be a better way to share these. Like a repository you can upload your template into or check a box to make it public.


We’re working on a solution :slight_smile: