Mid-June V2 Updates!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic June so far! We’ve been hard at work squashing bugs, making v2 easier to use, and have a very exciting announcement….

Our Mobile App for v2 is now in field alpha testing! We will be looking for early beta testers once we finish this real-world testing. Stay tuned for a beta announcement as we get further into the alpha process! Our team has been working extremely hard on this feature, and we’re very excited to start bringing this into the world!

On to the updates…

Workflow improvements

  • Editing serviceable addresses directly from the account page is now possible (yay!)

  • Task templates are back and available for all of your account task-related needs:

  • There is now a simple way to return a scheduled job to the queue:

Notable bug fixes in the last 2 weeks

  • Certain situations where an incorrect Next Billing Cycle Amount was generated in the customer portal has been repaired

  • A number of bugs have been squashed around creating, using, and signing contracts

  • Fixed a number of vAgu3 error messages

  • Adjusted situations where refunding a payment could cause available credits to improperly show on account

  • Smashed a number of v1 migration bugs

Quality of Life improvements

  • Solved a timing issue that was causing initial account activation invoices to not generate properly

  • Searching by ticket or invoice ID is now possible by using the ticket: or invoice: prefix in global search:

  • You can now convert dynamic (soft) assignments to be static DHCP leases:

I look forward to sharing more good news toward the end of the month. Until then, stay safe out there!


@Jimmy_Thomson - Are you looking for beta testers for the mobile application as of right now?

Not yet, should have more news on that this month!