Microsoft Teams Integration?


Any good methods for getting ticket alerts to integrate with Microsoft Teams? I’m picturing function similar to slack for ease of notification.

Thank you, Chris


Hi @Christopher_Gray,

In this case I think the best route to take would be to utilize webhooks in order to receive these type of notifications for tickets. (Slack notifications in Sonar make use of webhooks as well)

Here is a link to our official webhook documentation:

More specifically since your’e looking to get notifications with Microsoft Teams, these two hooks are probably what you’re looking for:

These are the 2 webhooks we have available in reference to receiving notifications about tickets being created as well as updated in Sonar.

Webhooks can be setup in Sonar under System -> Configuration -> Webhooks. The endpoint you enter when configuring a webhook is the location Sonar will POST data to. Select from the list of webhook events to determine which webhooks are posted to a specific endpoint.

Microsoft Teams Webhooks

After some searching, I’ve also been able to locate the Microsoft Teams documentation regarding webhooks and how to implement them.

The aforementioned resources should help point you in the right direction to get this implemented.

I hope this has been helpful.


Please note that these webhooks are provided as a tool for you to utilize in order to extend Sonar for your own purposes. No support is provided in regards to usage or implementation of these webhooks, but if you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us at


Where is the documentation for setting up Slack? I haven been able to find it.


Hi @Travis_Garrison,

You can find the Slack documentation on Webhooks by navigating to:



Specifically regarding ticketing, go to Tickets > Inbound Email > Docs - “Inbound Email” for the documentation.

There are details in the end of this Sonar video: