MDU - Bulk services delivery and billing


We really need a way to do bulk billing. This is especially important for MDUs where each unit has a basic service that’s part of the rent, but overages, additional services, etc are available to purchase by the individual tenant.

The parent/child option creates a billing situation that is too expensive as one would be charged for active accounts for $0 income producing accounts.

Bulk MDU pricing is often significantly reduced as well which further makes the parent/child option not the right choice.


We bill per building and don’t keep track of the people in the building in Sonar. Sometimes it’s a flat fee for the building and sometimes they have to have at least a minimum number of units, like 20, so they get charged for 20 until they go over and then we change the bulk price for each additional unit. Matt keeps track of that somewhere (probably in a spreadsheet).


I recently had the opportunity to work on a Comcast-served MDU. The tenants get a base package. They can individually order additional services.

The way that the system does this is that every unit is created in the master account. Each unit is simply a room number with all of the programming details for the included services. When a tenant wants additional services, then an account is created for the tenant, the base services are part of that, and the additional billable services are added. The way a support or CSR at Comcast can see that the account is part of a bulk plan, what’s included and what is additional. If the tenant cancels their additional services, the whole thing moves back to the room account.

There is no MDU solution in Sonar now which is why I’m trying to get one. The parent child model now is cost prohibitive as it creates an active billable record for each child account even if that child account is only using the included services.

I’m really hoping that the developers can look into a complete MDU solution that doesn’t create hundreds of dollars of added cost just to manage each room or tenant individually.